Talos4 Video

This site currently provides for the sale of video for the following:

- Ballet School of Glyndon. All years since 2008
- York County bar Association's Bar Stools. Since 2011.
- De Jul School of Dance.  All years since 2003*
- Joyful Motion.  All years since 2006*
- Keystone Indoor Drill Association. All years from 2003 through 2011*
- Light of Life Performing Arts. All years since 2014.
- Studio '91.  All years since December 2002*
- Trinity High School's Beauty & the Beast, March 3, 2018
- Unabashed School of Dance. 2015-2017.
- Wesley Pre-school. Since 2014.

Please select from the drop down above to find the year in which you are interested.


* Please note that videos prior to 2008 may not be directly available on this shopping cart.  If you are interested in purchasing a video we say above that we have but is not in our cart please email us at sales@talos4.net to ask us to provide this.  Please specify the organization, the date and the show if there were multiple shows on the same date.


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